Nestled in the rich, historic hills of Binyamin is Bet El’s Pre-IDF Preparatory Academy, a private institution providing pic_01soldiers of disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds with a meaningful year of intensive training prior to their three-year IDF service. By focusing on character building and Jewish identity, each cadet is given the confidence to believe in his own future. In addition, the cadet leaves the academy with high morale to serve the Jewish Nation.

While some of their neighborhood peers run into disciplinary problems throughout their service, our cadets emerge from the academy fully committed to the IDF, often reaching elite commando units. “What’s your secret,” asked IDF Commanders who wanted to know how we take cadets from the same troubled neighborhoods, yet change the course of their service and their lives.

Our secret? We accept each student as is, without judgment or criticism. In addition to steady meals and housing, we provide each student with encouragement, motivation and the tools to develop emotionally, physically and spiritually. The staff members gradually become an emotionally-consistent, Jewish values-grounded resource in the cadet’s life.

pic_02Their lives take on vision, meaning and purpose, and they emerge as strong individuals and dependable soldiers.

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