The 1st Annual Israel Cadet Trek will take place from Monday, May 23rd to pic_03Wednesday, May 25th 2016.

Monday is an intense survival training closed to the public for the cadets only. The public is invited to join the Bike Trek on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 24 + 25.

The Israel Cadet Trek will end on the eve of Lag B’Omer, at an access point to the tomb of the 2nd-century sage Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochi in Meron in the Galilee, where 500,000 Israelis will celebrate the holiday with singing, dancing, bonfires and BBQ’s.

First Day Bike Route Tues. May 24 – 30 kilometers

  1. To start at 9am sharp, participants will sleep the night before, Monday night, at Rafting HaYarden Camping Grounds, south of Gesher HaPkak in the Galilee Panhandle. We will sleep on the grass in tents. Each participant must bring his own sleeping bag. Hot showers and bathroom facilities are provided. For those who wish, arrangements can be made to sleep in bungalows with floor mats, or at a nearby hotel.
  2. The first day’s route is almost entirely off-road.
  3. From Rafting HaYarden, we will bike due north along the Jordan River for some 30 kilometers to our final destination of the day: Hurshat Tal. We will stop at several battle heritage sites along the way where we will learn about the history and wars of the region. In accordance with the heat that day, we will plunge into the Jordan river at some of its most scenic points.
  4. BBQ dinner!
  5. Sleeping accommodations for Tuesday night will be at Hurshat Tal Camping Grounds, sleeping on the grass in sleeping bags which each participant must bring. Hot showers and bathroom are provided at the camping site. Optional hotel accommodations can be arranged at nearby Kibbutz HaGoshrim.


Second Day Route Wed. May 25 – Approx 35 kilometers

  1. Ride from Hurshat Tal Camping Grounds eastbound to Givat HaEm where we will hear about the region.
  2. Then we bike westbound to Tel Egel for another historical briefing.
  3. Bike southward to the famous Tel Chai.
  4. Bike southward to Kaoch Junction and then eastward back to the Jordan River. If the heat is intense, we will shorten the ride a bit.
  5. At the final stop, we will have a BBQ concluding the Trek, near the Jordan River.
  6. We will provide bus transportation to an access point to Meron for those who wish to reach the Tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai to celebrate the Lag B’omer holiday. From there, public buses depart to various parts of Israel.
    For those who wish, we will also provide a bus to the Central Bus Station in Tiberias.



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The Cadet Trek is a Mehadrin Kosher ride.
For specific questions regarding Kashrut please contact us at .