The Pre-IDF Preparatory Academy in Bet El announces the Israel

Cadet Trek, May 23-25, 2016.The Academy provides incoming soldiers from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds with a meaningful 14 months of intensive training prior to their three-year service. With focus on character building and Jewish identity, the Academy literally changes the lives of these incoming cadets building their self-esteem and morale to serve in the most elite units.

While partially funded by the Defense Ministry, the academy’s remaining tuition costs are far beyond what these cadetsBet-El-IDF-Prep-Academy-Logo-Transparent-Half-196x181-17Nov15-150x150
can afford. By sponsoring a rider, the annual IsraelCadetTrek fills the financial gap providing life-changing scholarships to these cadets.

There are three ways to get involved:

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  1. Academy scholarships for disadvantaged cadets (Note: In addition, higher education scholarships are also provided upon completion of IDF even for non-combat soldiers. Existing scholarship programs are for combat graduates only)
  2. Jewish Identity Outreach – Students at the academy are introduced to Judaism by choice, and through a gradual process, come to embrace and take pride in their Jewish heritage.
  3. Strengthening the IDF from Within. Instead of enlisting to menial labor jobs (i.e. mechanics, cooks and office work) our graduates volunteer for top combat units and serve with willingness to sacrifice.
  4. Save Israel $100,000’s – Literally! For many, instead of continuing in their family tradition of living on government handouts, our cadets transform their lives to become a self-sustaining part of Israeli society – a savings of $100,000’s in would-be welfare payments.
  5. Strengthening a Security-Challenged Town – The Academy provides numerous jobs for its teachers and staff who live in Bet El, a security-challenged town located adjacent to Arab-populated Ramallah.


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About the Trek

The 1st Annual Israel Cadet Trek will take place from Monday, May 23rd , 2016 to Wednesday, May 25th.

The Israel Cadet Trek begins in Jerusalem and plans to end with a festive closing ceremony in Meron Lag B’Omer Night… Read More


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